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  1. Follow your gut
    If you don't get a good feeling, walk away. Request recommendations from family, friends & coworkers... but still check them out!

  2. Ensure they are registered and in good standing with a Company like the Better Business Bureau

  3. Ask for references but take them with a grain of salt; 
    Every contractor will make sure they have at least 3 happy clients

  4. Insist on the name, policy number and phone number of their Liability Insurance Company
    Call to make sure it is current

  5. Make sure you know your City's Licensing requirements
     Some just require a fee and Liability Insurance, which is no guarantee of a quality Contractor 

  6. Complete an internet search on the company.
    Do they have any negative reviews?

  7. Find out who will be doing the work
    Will it be subcontracted to other companies?

  8. Ask a lot of questions
     A good contractor will have nothing to hide 

  9. Research what is involved in completing the job
    The more you know the better you can spot problems

  10. Don't select based on price
    The highest price does not guarantee the highest quality - stay away from unusually low prices

  11. There are not many laws to protect you so protect yourself
    Don't pay everything up front, pay as the work is completed to your satisfaction 


You'd think it would be a relatively easy job to hire a contractor  to head up your remodel or repairs,

however these simple steps can mean the difference between complete confidence and sleepless nights.


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