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Old world craftsmanship with the best of new materials!  Quality takes the right materials, skills and can't be done quickly!  We build it to last, and will go above and beyond the minimum building code to achieve it.  We refuse to compromise on safety or longevity, and the job is never done until you are satisfied.
We offer competitive pricing (materials are never marked up), free estimates and all work is guaranteed.  We quote every job individually based on the materials and time to complete. Compared to quoting based on eg. square feet, as some companies do, it is the most accurate and fair for you the customer. 
Of course we design your project to be beautiful, but that doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't be functional.  Everyone uses their home a little differently, and no one design fits all, so we work with you and provide suggestions to improve efficiency and longevity (eg. deck layouts based on activities, flooring types if pets are part of your family).
We take our schedules very seriously and try very hard to complete your project on time, but problems do sometimes come up.  If they do, we will take the time to finish the job correctly rather than cutting corners to finish within the quoted time. We take on one job at a time, so when we start your project that is our focus until we are finished.



Awesome job!!

James installed hardwood floors prior to us moving into our new house. The timeline was tight, and he worked around the clock to get it completed on time. He went above and beyond what most others would have done.

We'll definitely use James again for future projects.

James is one of the best in the biz! He is professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, gets the job done on time and on budget! James sets the bar high. From painting, plumbing, electrical, hardwood, stripping and staining of the staircase etc

I highly recommend Phoenix Renos & Renovations

Thank you James and for making my life easy!!

- Christine from Campbellville

Helpful, and willing to explain the job.

No pressure.


Excellent work!

- Sara from Mississauga

“Excellent work - He is fast, thorough, professional and friendly. Takes the time to explain what he is doing, and makes sure he comes in on budget.”

- Tracy from Brampton

We had a "simple" job of moving a dryer outlet from one wall to another. James was helpful and got the job done quickly and professionally and at a reasonable price.

We will use James again for future projects for sure!

- Laura from Milton

- Kerry from Hamilton



Complete Kitchen Updates

and remodels

Bathroom renovations and remodels



Custom made that look like they came with the house.

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